I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christa for the beautiful healing section that I had the privilege to experience. After hearing countless positive testimonials from the people who have experienced positive transformations in just one visit I decided to give it a try. Immediately upon commencement of the section I felt peace and tranquility in my body and mind. Even thou Crista was working from across the room for part of the cession I could feel the warm energy going through my body and doing it's magic. I felt terrific after, very balanced in mind, body and spirit. Definitely recommend a visit!!"

Karina (Toronto, Canada)


Dear Christa. I came to see you two years ago and you helped me with a problem that had been of some concern for about fifty years. I was able to access my genetic memory and experience an emotion of my mother. I was adopted at birth and never met her. I now have peace.

Best wishes.


Dear Christa,

While at Tao Garden in Northern Thailand, I went to Christa for heavy metal clearing.  I have a bi modal rod in my left leg from an accident years ago.  I was lying on my back with my eyes closed.  When she got to my lower left leg where the rod is I felt a pressure around my leg not on it and I thought she was sitting on the bed or pressing on the bed.  I opened my eyes a little to see and she just had her hand over my leg.  It was quite an amazing experience.  Thank you Christa for the healing.  

Many blessings,


I went to Christa with ongoing chronic back and neck pain since many years due to a curved spine. After one hour a profound change took place and I was healed. Not only am I aware of the gift that Christa has, but also the power of healing through light and energy. I am looking forward to learning more going forward.

With gratitude.


Dear Christa,

Now a few weeks of relaxing and staying at Tao Garden is already behind me. In the northern part of Germany we had bad weather since our return. Without refueling my energy and the heat I would be in a very bad shape. So it was a great pleasure that we met you, ifen if it were our last days and that we still could benefit from your healing powers. This brings me good over the darkness in the wintertime. I am also looking now for a chance in future to be able to spend the dark months in the Tao Garden. I can make this recovery value and achieve well-being not compare with other places. It is probably also the Asian sernity and kindness that I really like.

Now I wish you a Merry Christmas in Tao Garden

All the best for 2014 - I hope it gives us an opportunity seeing us again in Tao Garden.



Dearest Christa!

When I saw Christa's poster explaining spinal realignment I knew it was for me having a slight leg length difference that has thrown my back out of alignment quite dramatically over the years. The treatment itself was nothing short of miraculous as the leg length difference was considerably diminished on measuring afterwards. I also felt that my weight was much more equally balanced on both feet, helping me to feel much more grounded. A second treatment and now one month later, my spine still feels a lot straighter and I synchronistically have 're-membered' lots of exercises and energy practices to support the continued alignment of my body.  

During the same treatment Christa also helped clear the heavy metals from my system which felt reassuring as I'd recently had mercury fillings removed and a dental x-ray, not to mention the chemically polluted water I'd been drinking out of taps! She also facilitated some very profound soul level healing which helped explain some health challenges I'd had and I know that this has positively affected my physical and emotional health.

Thank you Christa for your wonderful intuitive healing and beautiful serene presence!

Marian Rose
Traditional Acupuncturist and Universal Healing Tao Instructor

D. M.

The seminar days with you were a great asset for me.
I especially liked that I can feel very clearly that you are even totally convinced of what you teach and live it for yourself. Also, you are even an example of the effectiveness of your teaching. My compliments!
I got in your seminar insight into a fascinating matter, which will affect my future path in life. I will focus on to bring what I learned in my life and develop myself more and more.
Thanks and all the best!


Thank you that you come in my life. You are a blessing for the people.


The leg length difference of my daughter has been 4 cm. She always had pain in the back. I thought maybe the satchel is too heavy. She was released from the sport because the pain was often very much. Today after the spinal straightening this is past. The pain has resolved and she has again normal physical education. Thanks for the help.


You have shown me a lot of new possibilities and ways that I'll be sure to implement in my life.
I have learned a lot for me! THANK YOU!