Radiation and heavy metal lifting for houses

Clear your home, the car and the mobile phones of radiation.
All types of radiation such as mobile phones, radioactivity or by water veins are difficult to detect with our senses. We are in constant resonance with the variety of energy sources in the world.

The radiation exposure of terrestrial and electro has a harmful effect on the nervous system, metabolism, and acidifies the body, which can have as a result severe demineralization of the bones. Microwave, computer and mobile phone radiation has a trigger to a sharp rise in allergy and autoimmune diseases.
The spiritual heavy metal lifting which I execute from a distance with the help of spiritual alchemy, causes a transformation of the energies that are stressful for the people .
You spend half your life in your apartment or house, so you should spend this time in good unloaded energy.

Send me a photo of the house / apartment and / or the workplace by e-mail and we arrange a date where you should be in the apartment. Please state address and telephone number. If you specify the license plate, the car will be freed of radiation.

Live your life healthy and free


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