Spine and Body Straightening - healing on all levels

Spine and Body Straightening

Pelvic obliquity correction with leg length adjustment and spinal column with straightening of the shoulder blades.
Through the divine uplifting of the spine the healing of conflict blockages on a physical, mental and spiritual level takes place.
Most blockages which stop the free flow of life energy occur at the spine. These blockages are the source of negative energies that may radiate into the body organs and cause serious diseases. Any form of mental and physical disorder can be solved with this light energy, all problems of the spine and musculoskeletal system such as:

  • crooked pelvis
  • unequal long legs
  • different levels of shoulders
  • curved spine
  • slate neck
  • axial rotations
  • arched lumbar

There are causes of mental and emotional conflicts that show up in the body which are fixed in a matter of seconds, without touching the body. The pelvis is put equal, the legs brought to same length, shoulders and shoulder blades adjusted to the new order, so that the entire spine can be straightened.

A crooked, oblique body cannot stay healthy, because it must inevitably leads to blockages, caused by the deformity.
The spine straightening is a onetime process. For severe pain or severe illness after-treatment is recommended.

Rays repeal - heavy metal

With all treatments, the body is also exempted from radiation and heavy metal exposure.


Post-treatment is highly recommended for serious suffering, etc. , as permanent tension, pain or untreatable . Not everyone can keep the healing power permanently active, which is not depending on the healer, but the person, who does not let go the disease! Then he has to come several times! Often it is that people are not able to accept the healing fully and to clear the chain of causation for certain symptoms from their thoughts. They fall back into the review, though, since the establishment "of the Divine Order ", the straightening, nothing is as it has been before. The negative thought patterns are deleted again at the post-treatment, so that the self -healing powers again determine fully the healing process.

Each treatment helps to improve. We are talking about your transformation, which is the real cure.
Diseases are caused by unfulfilled longings. Healing is a process of personal empowering over oneself. Will I really be healed? If this is cleared, then the healing comes! Through the treatment, which is always accompanied by a strong energy boost, life forces are awakened again, to which we only gradually obtained access and thereby finds its way back to its divine essence, to finally create ones healing by itself.

Important! The after-treatment is not a repetition, as these - once done - cannot be repeated!
Disease does not come from the outside to a person. Inner tension, misconduct in thought and action, loveless dealing with oneself, poor diet, smoking, drinking and more spring to the free will. What he caused self, he must also take responsibility himself.
Right here is an after-treatment of the utmost importance, because the self-destructive mindset needs to be healed!

This treatment can also be done for children and animals.

Live your life healthy and free


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