Tao Yoga, Qi Gong, abdominal massage & Cosmic Healing

Universal Healing Tao of Master Mantak Chia

The Universal Healing Tao is a self healing system – Tao Yoga, Qi Gong, Abdominal Massage and Cosmic Healing of Master Mantak Chia.

Master Mantak Chia developed the UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO SYSTEM to use the ancient energy practices, transmitted upon him by the Chinese masters and teachers, together with his students and other interested parties. His sincere wish is that every individual should have the opportunity to promote the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. By doing these exercises is the practitioner enabled to establish personal responsibility for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and to keep it.

Course 1: Tao Yoga Basic

From Stress to Vitality - Awaken your primal power

We learn exercises and meditations, avoid diseases, reduce stress and how to influence the lives positively. Main focus is the life force chi, which can be excited and propagated by simple exercises. By reinforcing the energy flow, health, vitality, creative and spiritual expression and balance are promoted.
The Inner Smile is a very effective method by which we learn to respond to our internal organs. Thus, the energy in the organs is harmonized, contributing to a positive attitude towards life.

The technique of the Six Healing Sounds helps us convert pent emotions, stress and pain. Our vital organs are detoxified and regenerated it.

Simple Qi Gong and the Microcosmic Orbit form the basis for the system of Taoist meditation. We learn to guide the energy along the two principal meridians of the body and to circulate. By opening these pathways, the entire body is supplied with more vitality. We become more resilient, healthier, less susceptible to stress and thus more balanced.

In Iron Shirt Chi Kung we learn through different body positions, combined with breathing exercises to keep the existing power from the earth into our bodies and thereby strengthen the tendons and the body structure.

The Healing Love is the cultivation of the most powerful energy in our body: the sexual energy. If this can circulate in a transformed form in the body, it is wholesome and rejuvenating. Particularly effective are, for example, the techniques with potency problems, prostate problems, menstrual problems, and groin problems. In this course the privacy is preserved. Certain exercises are therefore only declared and not practiced or explained only in approach.

The aim of the course is to teach those Taoist techniques that lead to harmony, health and balance emotions.


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Course 2: Qi Gong & Healing Love

Tao Yoga & Qi Gong - Deepening

In this course the basics of Tao Yoga and the exercises of the Healing Love are deepened and the sexual energy even further cultivated so that they can better circulate in the body.

In order to assist the flow of energy and to strengthen our roots, we will learn the positions of the Iron Shirt Qi Gong that promote a healthy posture, and physical and emotional stability.

To participate in this advanced course knowledge from course 1 is necessary.


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Course 3: Healing Breath

Bone marrow breathing for Rejuvenation & Vitality

In the bone marrow Nei Kung we learn to breathe into our bones and to compress our powerful, healing sexual energy in our bones. Thus, the bone and the bone marrow gets strengthened.

This method for the vitalization of the bone marrow, is an essential step within the taoist techniques that lead to the rejuvenation of the body and spiritual clarity and alertness. The respiration leads us into a deep rest, base for any meditation.

Our bones have a crystalline structure, which absorbs energy and forwards it. So they are memory storage for spiritual energy and life force. Starting at the age of twenty, red bone marrow is gradually replaced by a fatty substance, so our defense system and bones (osteoporosis) are weakened. The practice of bone breathing regenerates bone, blood, and the immune system.

It improves health, greater vitality, peace and balance are just a few modes of action of these simple exercises.

Breath is Life!

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Course 4: Inner Alchemy 1

Transformation of emotions

Fusion of the Five Elements are alchemical exercises that clean the system and negative emotions can be converted into positive life force. The result increased is vitality Chi further helps to open the energy channels in the body, which stimulates the individual healing process in the body on a deeper level.

The meditation of the Fusion is a powerful mental training that enhances our memory and concentration. The focus of this course will be the transformation of negative emotions into positive life force and serve to deepen the techniques from the basic course.

The various exercises from Iron Shirt Qi Gong are regularly used to strengthen our connection to the earth.
This course is particularly suitable for therapists or people who work a lot with other people, and can help to transform negative energy.

Prerequisite for participation is the Tao Yoga Basics (Course 1)

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Chi organ abdominal massage

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)

CNT is a powerful technique of self- healing and health maintenance. The energy of all the organs, glands, the brain and the nervous system are combined in the navel. Blockages in the abdominal cavity can also be manifested as symptoms and diseases in other parts of the body.

By abdominal massage the energy flow of all organs flow is stimulated. Intestine and lymph vessel system can be activated by the strengthened immune system. The emotions of the body are released and the body is detoxified.

The massage is extremely effective in intestinal problems, headaches and back pain, and menstrual cramps. However, there are also spiritual blockages cleared, the flow of energy in the abdomen strengthened, and the energy balanced.

This course aims to first activate the principle of self-healing to yourself, and integrate into oneself and then also be able to pass it to others.

CNT is recommended to therapists as an excellent addition to any other body work. It is a wonderful method for diagnosis and therapy. For those not certifies, it is a wonderful healing massage for oneself and for the family.

To increase the healing ability, it is recommended being connected to the system of the Healing Tao eg Fusion, etc. (basic course is a prerequisite)

Bring: blanket, pillow, and if possible a massage table

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Cosmic Healing

You learn to build simple protective fields and to protect against stressful, emotional and spiritual energies foreign attacks and balance your own body energy system.

The mediated techniques allow you to take pure cosmic healing energy to store and channel. You can use it to stimulate healing processes in themselves and in others. The acupuncture points of the hands and of the meridians of the entire body to be activated.

You learn methods for self-cleaning and self-healing, for protection, the use of colored light, energy-saving measures for bone fractures, headaches, dental problems, etc. as well as the World Link meditation.
The focus of the work is the "Buddha Hand", a method of exercise that strengthens one's Chi and also the ability to leave Chi to others.

Open with this particular meditation and we harmonize our energy centers (chakras) and promote the exchange of energy with the universal force, to experience healing.

The ability to sense energy, deriving from pain and the transmission of energy into diseased areas can be experienced in partner exercises methods. Especially for therapists and all those who work with people, an important component for the self-protection (self-healing), as well as the healing results are.

This method of energy management is an ideal complement to any type of massage or any other body therapy. If you have experience with Reiki, you will still find some specific enrichments.

In this course, we can let go our tensions, feel our light and our love and learned healing.

Tao Yoga basic knowledge is advantageous but not essential.

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