Divine Soul Healing

( by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha )


The Soul - Mind-Body Medicine

You learn a transformative and easy -to-learn techniques for self-healing , regeneration and rejuvenation for the soul - mind-body medicine.

  • The concept of the soul - mind-body medicine
  • The four- power techniques
  • Cleaning the interior and structure of the energy centers
  • healing -in- a -minute
  • Empowered Healing Mantras
  • The Universal Meditation

The soul - mind-body medicine has a new holistic way of healing, prevention, rejuvenation and longevity in the "age of the Light of the Soul " which now has dawned.

My education:

Soul healer in Frankfurt
Divine Soul Healer & Teacher in Montreal
Master Teacher & Healer of Soul Healing and Enlightenment in Hawaii
Master Healer of Soul Operations
Divine Soul Communicator
Divine Healing Hands
More information at: www.drsha.com

Power of Soul - The Healing Power of the Soul

The soul can heal, prevent illness, rejuvenate the mind and body and affect all aspects of life, including relationships and finances.

In my workshops and seminars it comes to record by opening the spiritual channels through old and new mantras, soul dance, and soul song, contact with the soul and of mother earth, sun, moon, planets, galaxies and universes and to receive healing directly from the divine soul. You will learn how to build your energy centers and enhance your life energy.

Healing Blessing

You get through spiritual transmission a cure blessing for a disease, relationship, finance, for your loved ones or one of your animals.

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Soul Communication

Soul communication is one of the most important aspects of life, not only of human life but any kind of life. In your life you communicate with your family members. You communicate with your colleagues. You communicate with your friends. In our modern world we communicate via telephone and the Internet, by radio and television and satellites. With advanced technology, our scientists communicate with our cells, cellular systems, and with planets, stars and galaxies. Communication is an important aspect of everyone's life.

Communication is constantly taking place on mother earth. Communication takes place not only between human beings and between animals, plants and insects. Think of the language and intelligence of dolphins, migration of birds and their behavior. Keep in mind how plants respond to beautiful melodies and melodies by Mozart. Remember how DNA and RNA in the cells communicate through generations. All things lively communicate.

You can communicate with things that have no physical form, which is in the spiritual space. Why is soul communication so important? It is important because we want to understand the wishes and intention of our soul. Does our soul have a purpose in life? The answer is clear. Yes! A soul has a clear life intention. Every soul of a human being has his bye sense.

When this Communication channel is open, you can receive direct communication from the Divine, the highest saints, and any soul. The communication comes to you in your physical languages. You immediately understand what the message is.

When you do direct soul communication or “flows”, you can ask any question that is appropriate. Avoid questions that do not promote love, peace and harmony.

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